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Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia

Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia


Cambridge University Press


Covering the most important topics in trauma anesthesia, this updated edition provides anesthesiology trainees and practitioners with a practical basis for managing trauma patients. Many recent advances in trauma care are identified, including paradigm shifts in the management of bleeding and coagulopathy, new neuromuscular blockade and anticoagulant reversal drugs, and updated clinical practice guidelines. This volume provides a concise, practical review of the essential elements in the care of the severely injured trauma patient, including emergency airway management, fluid and blood resuscitation, monitoring, coagulation therapy, regional and general anesthesia, and perioperative care. Edited by two of the most experienced trauma anesthesiologists in the United States, with chapters written by experts from leading US and Canadian trauma centers with the highest and most varied caseload of critically injured patients, Essentials of Trauma Anesthesia identifies new trends in surgery and anesthesiology practices that impact on the management of trauma patients.

Table of Contents:

Part I. Core Principles in Trauma Anesthesia:
1. Trauma epidemiology, mechanisms of injury, and prehospital care John J. Como and Charles E. Smith
2. Initial evaluation and management Thomas E. Grissom and Robert Sikorski
3. Airway management Christian Diez and Albert J. Varon
4. Shock, resuscitation, and fluid therapy Michelle E. Kim and Yvette Fouche
5. Vascular cannulation Shawn E. Banks and Albert J. Varon
6. Blood component therapy and trauma coagulopathy Craig S. Jabaley and Roman Dudaryk
7. General anesthesia for trauma Michael D. Bassett and Charles E. Smith
8. Regional anesthesia for trauma Monique Espinosa and Sripad Rao
9. Monitoring the trauma patient Richard McNeer and Albert J. Varon
10. Echocardiography in trauma Ashraf Fayad and Marie-Jo Plamondon
11. Coagulation monitoring of the bleeding trauma patient Marc P. Steurer and Michael T. Ganter
12. Postoperative care of the trauma patient Jack Louro and Albert J. Varon
Part II. Anesthetic Considerations for Trauma:
13. Anesthetic considerations for adult traumatic brain injury K. H. Kevin Luk and Armagan Dagal
14. Anesthetic considerations for spinal cord injury K. H. Kevin Luk and Armagan Dagal
15. Anesthetic considerations for ocular and maxillofacial trauma Suneeta Gollapudy and Olga Kaslow
16. Anesthetic considerations for chest trauma John M. Albert and Charles E. Smith
17. Anesthetic considerations for abdominal trauma Olga Kaslow
18. Anesthetic considerations for musculoskeletal trauma Jessica A. Lovich-Sapola and Charles E. Smith
Part III. Anesthetic Management in Special Trauma Populations:
19. Anesthetic management of the burn patient Hernando Olivar and Sam R. Sharar
20. Anesthetic management of the pediatric trauma patient Ramesh Ramaiah and Sam Sharar
21. Anesthetic management of the geriatric trauma patient Olga Kaslow and Rachel Budithi
22. Anesthetic management of the pregnant trauma patient Daria Moaveni and Albert J. Varon.

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