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Exercise for Aging Adults - A Guide for practitioners

Exercise for Aging Adults - A Guide for practitioners


Springer Verlag Gmbh&Co. Kg


This book translates the new findings in exercise research for the elderly for busy practitioners, trainees, students and administrators. This book provides practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in the common settings in which practitioners care for adults. The format includes key points and case examples which showcase the strong evidence supporting exercise by older adults as a key tool to enhance health, prevent serious outcomes, such as hospitalization and functional loss, and as part of the treatment plan for diseases that are common in older adults elderly with. Written by experts in the field of exercise in older persons, this book is a guide to maintaining quality of life and functional independence from frail to healthy aging adults. Strategies and exercises are discussed for specific care settings and illustrated via links to video examples, to ensure readers can immediately apply described techniques.
Exercise for Aging Adults: A Guide for Practitioners is a useful tool for physicians, residents in training, medical students, physical therapists, gerontology advance practice nurse practitioners, assisted living facility administrators, directors of recreation, and long-term care directors.
Provides practical strategies
Contains keypoints and case examples
Includes a link to video clips with exercises
Chapter 1 The Physiology of Aging and Exercise
Maren S. Fragala
Chapter 2 Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults
Melissa J. Benton
Chapter 3 Risks of Exercise for Older Adults
Liza Stathokostas, Gareth Jones
Chapter 4 Types of Exercise: Flexibility, Strengthening, Endurance, Balance
Lynn B. Panton, Ashley Artese
Chapter 5 Motivational Interviewing for Older Adults
Kenneth Brummel-Smith
Chapter 6 Writing an Exercise Prescription for Older Adults
Debra J. Rose
Chapter 7 Cultural Considerations for Exercise in Older Adults
Rosaly Correa-de-Araujo
Chapter 8 Exercises for Older Adults in Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities
Barbara Resnick
Chapter 9 Exercise for Hospitalized Older Adults
Gail M Sullivan
Chapter 10 Frailty and Older Adults
Ellen Binder
Chapter 11 Community-Based Exercise Programs for Older Adults
Jennifer Sokol Brach
Chapter 12 Implementing and Disseminating Exercise Programs for Older Adult Populations
Marcia G. Ory, Samuel D. Towne Jr., Alan B. Stevens, Chae Hee Park, Wojtek Jan Chodzko-Zajko
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