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Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg

Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg


Saunders Company


Bridging the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate knowledge and experience, this new full colour resource uses an interdisciplinary approach to help manage chronic conditions - osteoarthritis, Achilles tendinopathy, gout, rheumatic diseases, forefoot/rearfoot entities, stress fractures/reactions, cerebral palsy - in the lower limb and foot.
Each chapter includes sections on predisposing factors, diagnosis, impairments, function, quality of life and management strategies while highlighting any complex features of a condition which may present. The latest advances are discussed with suggestions for new paths of research - ?future directions?. The text is further supported by additional commentaries from internationally renowned researchers who highlight the key elements of the work and provide a supplementary perspective of the particular clinical condition. A general view of the patient?s needs is offered throughout, connecting clinical realities to real-world patient experiences.
Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg is a comprehensive, practical tool that can be used to inform daily decision making in practice as well as to support those who build policy and management strategies in the clinical areas covered.
Clear content and structure supported by full colour illustrations
Includes less discussed conditions such as gout and cerebral palsy
Focus on pain, impairment, function, quality of life and management strategies
Critical reflections by experts highlight current clinical practice and thinking in research
Provides a sound interpretation of research findings
Features patient-reported outcome measures and health related behaviour strategies
Table of Contents:
1. Osteoarthritis of the Ankle Joint Peter McNair and David Rice Invited commentary Mario Bizzini
2. Rheumatic Diseases Anita Williams and Michael Corkill Invited commentary Phillip Helliwell
3. Gout Keith Rome and Mike Frecklington Invited commentary Nicola Dalbeth
4. Forefoot Entities Fiona Hawke and Vivienne Chuter Invited commentary Tim Kilmartin
5. Rearfoot Entities Bill Vicenzino Invited commentary Karl B Landorf
6. Achilles Tendon Shannon Munteanu Invited commentary Nicola Maffulli and Angelo Del Buono
7. Stress Fracture / Stress Reaction of the Lower Leg and Foot Mark W. Creaby, Peter D. Bruckner, and Kim L. Bennell Invited commentary Robert Ashford
8. Cerebral Palsy N. Susan Stott Invited commentary Roslyn N. Boyd
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